Exhaust technology


The car exhaust system is responsible for removing emissions. There are two other crucial functions the exhaust system serves: to attenuate noises of combustion and to ensure a car is running with the most fuel efficiency.

Thus, an exhaust pipe must be carefully designed to carry toxic and/or noxious gases away from the users of the machine.

The exhaust system consists of a series of chambers and pipes that starts at the engine and ends at the back of the car with a tail pipe. Five main parts:

Exhaust manifold: the manifold is at the forefront of the exhaust system, attached to the engine.

Oxygen sensor
: located in or near the manifold.

Exhaust pipes
: these pipes carry exhaust gases through the entire system.

Catalytic converter
: this important piece comes after the exhaust manifold and serves to convert the harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon gases into carbon dioxide and water vapor, making the exhaust safer for the environment.

: the muffler acts as a silencer to the extremely loud noises of combustion occurring throughout the exhaust system. It is a metal box containing a series of tubes called baffles - some perforated - which waves must travel through, losing energy along the way and thus becoming quieter.

Desalu's parts fit here


Environmentally friendly technologies are constantly being implemented in the automotive industry. Exhaust systems manufacturers, aware of this challenge, adapt and re-design each part to different models and different uses, following the eco-friendly trend in industry. The aim is to meet requirements for emission restrictions maintained in each country.

Desalu offers tailor-made products for the cold end of the exhaust system for each customer.


About Company

In DESALU S.L. we are specialized in the manufacturing of silencers for exhaust pipes (original and after-market equipment) for the automotive industry


Desalu's working process

· Reception of raw material
Perforating, assembly and ends
Process and product control
· Packaging, storage and transport

Our customers

 We export almost 100 % of our production to different countries in Europe and Argentina, collaborating with our customers in the development of projects for different commercial brands: BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen among others.

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