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About Company

In DESALU S.L. we are specialized in the manufacturing of silencers for exhaust pipes (original and after-market equipment) for the automotive industry


Desalu's working process

· Reception of raw material
Perforating, assembly and ends
Process and product control
· Packaging, storage and transport

Our customers

 We export almost 100 % of our production to different countries in Europe and Argentina, collaborating with our customers in the development of projects for different commercial brands: BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen among others.

Get in Touch

  • Phone:
    + (34) 96 299 48 71
    Fax: + (34) 96 299 48 38
  • Email:
  • C/ Levante No 24 Poligono lndustrial Ciudad de Carlet 46240 Carlet (VALENCIA) SPAIN